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Unless otherwise noted, the fancy poems on this page are the original works of Sean Paul Mahoney as part of the Positive Energy Works 2010 Poetry Challenge.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And I didn't even know it!

A poetry gauntlet has been thrown down. A challenge to create mass amounts of poetry during 2010. Compared to the mass amounts of drama I created in 2009, I think this is a challenge I can handle. To get myself warmed up, kind of like a "Jane Fonda Workout" for poetry, I'll be posting older works and works by favorite poets for the next few weeks as the year comes to a close. My personal goal? One new poem a week, minimum. More if I'm feeling super inspired.

I've always loved writing poems so this will be a return to a lovely former self that I've been out of touch with. A poetry superhero may emerge this year and if not maybe I'll just have a good time.

So keep looking here for new poems, my favorite poems, and some old works of mine! In the meantime, maybe you should join me in this poetry fest?

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