Part of the 2010 Poetry Challenge

Unless otherwise noted, the fancy poems on this page are the original works of Sean Paul Mahoney as part of the Positive Energy Works 2010 Poetry Challenge.

Monday, December 14, 2009

August 2009

Breeze moves trees.
Fleas bite knees.
Summer's disease
has now claimed
the likes of me.

Suddenly, I'm brave
some sort of a winner
a brand new teal Mustang.
A fried chicken dinner.

But I'm supposed to loaf,
to linger
on this little vacation.
Not be a ballad singer
or a fucking inspiration.

Fruity iced teas
Grilled burgers with cheese
aren't found in the free clinic
with the likes of me.

It takes far too long.
It happens too fast.
This sweltering season
has caught up with my past.

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