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Unless otherwise noted, the fancy poems on this page are the original works of Sean Paul Mahoney as part of the Positive Energy Works 2010 Poetry Challenge.

Monday, January 11, 2010

don't ask me

don't ask me

The guy is a tool.
You two won't last.
You're acting a fool.
It's moving too fast.
The end will be cruel
and you'll be out on your ass.

Yet I don't say this shit today.
I mind my own damn business.
And try to stay out of the way.
After all, who wants bitter advice
from somebody looking for a fight?

Even in silence
My rolling eyes say
"I told you so"
my crossed arms say
"Girl, I know."
I've bombed at the love game
and I feel like everyone else will too.
This is fatalistic and far from true.

So just don't ask me
if he loves you
or if I think it's moving too fast.
Or if his mother will be cool
or what I know about his past.
This game, like I said
has really kicked my ass.
So please
just don't ask.

- Sean Mahoney 1/11/2010

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