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Unless otherwise noted, the fancy poems on this page are the original works of Sean Paul Mahoney as part of the Positive Energy Works 2010 Poetry Challenge.

Monday, January 11, 2010

maybe later by Sean Mahoney

Maybe Later

Roll me 'round in flour
Dip me in a batter.
Fry me until golden brown
and serve me, warm, on a platter.
Or let me bask under the heat lamp
shoulder to shoulder
with coconut shrimp
and foiled wrapped taters.
I know I have a life to live
but I'll get to it
maybe later.

Right this second does not work for me.
Right this minute I need to be directed,
I need to be seasoned. I need to be kneaded.
I need to be savored. I need to be protected.

The rest of the day
might just get pittered away.
The endless fussing and fighting
crying and writing
can't work right now.
But maybe later....

- Sean Mahoney 1/11/10

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