Part of the 2010 Poetry Challenge

Unless otherwise noted, the fancy poems on this page are the original works of Sean Paul Mahoney as part of the Positive Energy Works 2010 Poetry Challenge.

Friday, January 22, 2010

wonder wow

Wonder Wow

two shiny star children
met under disco lights.
danced, drank, drowned
in love, liquor and fights.

with faux fur and fake fury,
two star children
collided, collapsed
in absolute hurry.
orbiting earth/ walking among us
their celestial love made mountains
out of miles of magic dust.

their powers weakened
their language was unspoken
the lights and the fights
simply stayed broken.

two shiny star children
presently pressed in paper,
adhered with sticky spray,
and flatly filed away
were perhaps to sparkly
to ever really stay.

despite the furious fists,
we remember them fondly
we wonder the why.
we wonder the where.
we wonder the how.
we wonder the wow.

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